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Welcome to the Mat Valley Crime Map

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Please read this introduction to the map before using it.

This page is a description of and how to use and understand the Mat Valley Crime Map.

This is an interactive crime map for the Matanuska and Susitna Valleys for active crimes, stolen goods, suspicious activity and other incidents. This map does not include Anchorage, Eagle River, Fairbanks or the Kenai Peninsula. It generally does not include shoplifting.

Information for this map is gleaned from posts on the Facebook page of "Stop Valley Thieves" as well as the Palmer Police, Wasilla Police and the Alaska State Trooper public information pages. These map markers are for the purpose of alerts, information and heightened awareness of thefts, suspicious behavior or patterns developing in an area, NOT vigilantism. If there are any names or photos of alleged perpetrators they WILL be assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Unless the crime occured at an identifiable public business, the icons on the map are posted in the neighborhood, a street in general or a cross street only and are not an actual pinpoint location of a given event or home. If there is not a specific location in a report where an incident happened in the Wasilla area, the marker gets put on Wasilla lake. Unidentified locations in the Palmer area are placed at the Palmer library and unidentified places near Big Lake are put on the lake.

I have tried adding links to the Stop Valley Thieves and other Facebook posts in the descriptions. Some browsers don't show the full address and it has to be copied and pasted to use. This way you can go to the original post to see if there are any updates to that incident.


Hover over icons with your mouse for short a description, click them for a detailed description and a photo when available. If there is a photo you can click on it for a larger view.

Zoom in to separate multiple close icons.  Zoom in for more detail with the scroll wheel on the mouse or the "+ -" icons on the upper left of the map.

Move to a new area on the map. You can drag to a new area of the map by left clicking the mouse and holding, then move the mouse and the map will move.

The crime/alert icons are described on a bar above the map, but not all will show unless you click the arrow to the right of them. You can turn icons off by unchecking the box beside the icon. You can turn off all with one click and then choose which ones to turn back on if you want to filter what you see on the map.

There is a complete list of events posted to the map under the small double arrow on the upper right of the screen. The events are in chronological order.

You can switch between normal street map and satellite view. The buttons are in the upper right of the map (Map/Satellite)

You can do an advanced search to find a particular incident using the search tools, but it is limited to finding text that has been input on the map, so if something like a street wasn't named in the incident, it won't be searchable.

I hope you find this useful and would welcome input to make it better or easier to use.